Numerics Warehouse

Numerics Warehouse works with renewable energy companies and state agencies worldwide. We use sophisticated state of the art numerical models to quantify the energy that can be obtained from any given wind, wave or tidal energy site.

This allows our clients to cost effectively quantify the energy that can be obtained from any potential site, long before committing any resources to license applications or physical development of a site.

Wave spectral data analysis
Surface wind streamlines
Ocean energy planning tool

As the ocean energy site is developed our team of seasoned oceanographers and numerical modellers continue to provide the environmental facts needed for detailed engineering design and deployment. During the life of the renewable energy installation, our weather, wave and ocean forecasts will assist in planning servicing windows, alerting of extreme conditions and with power output predictions.

Numerics Warehouse is a one stop shop. We offer a partnership with renewable energy companies as they expand and exploit ocean energy in any ocean or sea.

Why work with Numerics Warehouse?

  • Commitment to our customers.
  • Custom designed numerical model tools for ocean energy.
  • Many of our products are pre-computed with rapid availability
  • Impartial, non-partisan and confidential service
  • Resourceful and programming literate staff will tailor models as required.
  • A focus on model accuracy and reliability.