Our technologies

Numerics Warehouse uses a range of leading edge technologies to deliver timely, accurate and detailed model output.

Compute resources

We have our own small cluster inhouse which is used for smaller bespoke work and related data processing. For larger modelling runs we have access to a number of HPC clusters (with core counts ranging from 560 to over 2000). This gives us a lot of flexibility to meet specific customer time requirements and to run very high resolution models over large areas.

Numerical Modelling Software

We have a lot of experience using open source numerical models developed by teams of scientists worldwide over many years. Our knowledge of the code, through making our own customisations, allows us to understand the strengths and limitations of particular models, including how best to tune them. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, the use of ROMS (for hydrodynamics), WW3 and SWAN for wave modelling and WRF for weather modelling.

Workflow tools

We use a wide variety of tools for pre- and post-processing data. We maintain a large library of functions written in Fortran, Matlab, Perl and Python to analyze data and create formats and products suitable for our customers. Examples include conversions between data formats, visualisation tools, data reduction and statistical analysis tools.

For further details on any of our technologies or to discuss specific technical requirements, please contact support@numericswarehouse.com.

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